My Motivation

Why I Share God’s Lavish-Grace

To share God's Lavish-Grace with people is one of my great motivations.  This image displays sensitivity between a younger woman and an older man, which may be a daughter sitting next to her father.
Sensitive sharing.

Experiencing God’s GraceMotivates Me

I want to share God’s Lavish-Grace to heal a person’s heart and build her faith. I feel compelled to tell other about how I’ve experienced it. Because of his infinite goodness, love, and power, God can and will meet the needs of wounded women. So, I study and write material directing hurting women to his ability to heal, encourage, and comfort their wounded hearts.

This passion of mine came out of spiritual challenges I faced in my late forties and early fifties. I struggled because of financial worries, menopause, and a high-stress job. As a result of those issues, I began to study Scripture in order to learn how my faith in God could help me. In my search, I discovered just how powerful and practical a knowledge of God’s goodness, love, and power is.  

The more I studied and applied what I was learning to my needs, the more I trusted God and found spiritual comfort. His love and grace sustained me, while he gradually healed my heart from wounds had experienced in the past. My understanding of God’s attributes and his promises made a huge difference for me. So, I began to share what I was learning with others. And they were helped as well.

Knowing the Needs of Women Motivates Me

Needs in my Family

In addition to my own difficult issues, I observed how women in my family were suffering. Two sisters and a sister-in-law married abusive men. One of my sisters adopted a child who became manic-depressive in his early teens. Two severely disabled children were born to my brother-in-law and his wife. As I prayed for my loved ones, I had to wrestle with questions about God’s goodness, love, and power. For instance, why did these traumas happen to these “good” people? As the result of the tragedies I witnessed in my family, I felt compelled to find answers in Scripture.

Needs in Society

It was not long before my search for answers expanded beyond concern for my family. While I was processing my own issues, I began to volunteer at a local Christian homeless shelter. There, I met women who had been more severely abused than I could ever have imagined. Their past experiences had plunged them into depression, addiction, or unhealthy relationships. 

I also learned that one in seven girls becomes a victim of sexual abuse before she turns eighteen (Darkness to Light Website statistics ). So, some of my friends at church could have been abused. They might be suffering the same emotional and spiritual effects of abuse as the ladies at the shelter. If so, they need to know God and his promises, too. In fact, any abused Christian woman can benefit from understanding God’s Lavish-Grace

Knowing the Extent of God’s Lavish-Grace Motivates Me

One of these ladies is taking joy in sharing a hot drink with her friend.  To share God's Lavish-Grace with women is one of my great motivations.
The Joy of Sharing

Fortunately, Scripture reveals that God loves his children enough to want to help them. Jesus declared the reason he came to earth was to save and restore suffering people. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus said he was anointed to preach good news to poor and needy people. He intended to free them from their imprisonment to sin, guilt and shame (Luke 4:18). For example, consider how Jesus often championed the rights of women, comforted them, and healed them. In fact, he died on the cross in order to meet their greatest need: Changing them from slaves to sin and Satan into adopted children of God.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, he can and will heal and restore people today. I have watched God’s transforming work in the lives of numerous women. God replaced their guilt and shame with his peace and joy. They stopped seeing themselves as worthless and forsaken. Instead, these wounded women started living like daughters of God Almighty, the Creator of everything. As a result of what I saw God do in their lives, I want to share God’s Lavish-Grace with as many ladies as I can. I pray that God will be glorified as people begin to know him and apply his promises to their needs through the content on this website. I share specific Scripture passages and how to use them to gain victory in my blog: “Hope and Joy vs. Doubt and Defeat.”

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