Escape from the Land of If Only: Biblical Hope for Hurting Hearts

Escape from the Land of If Only is a beautifully written book that highlights the redemptive work of the Gospel of Jesus in the lives of broken and wounded women. Martha addresses the various topics of abuse, neglect, abandonment, unforgiveness, shame, fear, anxiety and addiction and offers great hope to these women through the depth and richness of scripture. ~Jane Scott, certified biblical counselor, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

The traumatic experiences of our past, and our own sinful actions, can put us in bondage to shame, guilt, and depression. When that happens, we may wonder how our lives would be better if only something or someone had been different. However, we don’t have to become permanent residents in the Land of If Only.

Escape from the Land of if Only, outlines a biblical path to freedom from the effects of past traumas. It explains how a child of God can recover from abuse, abandonment, addiction, and poverty. The reader will learn how to apply biblical truth and the promises of God to become a victor instead of a victim. The before and after stories of deeply wounded and depressed residents of a Christian homeless shelter display the bondage breaking power and love of God. Those women experienced deep and lasting healing as they broke free from depression, fear, and shame. Learning how they escaped from the Land of If Only will show others how they can also walk out of captivity into emotional and spiritual freedom.

No one walks through life without tragedies, trials, and traumas. But, if we know and obey God and believe his promises, he will bind up our emotional and spiritual wounds. It doesn’t matter whether they are mere scratches or hemorrhaging gashes. God can and will heal us because he has promised to give his children “everything they need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3-4). That includes healing the wounds of the past and giving grace to face the future unafraid. This book provides timeless, biblical truths that can enable any child of God to Escape from the Land of If Only.

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