Lavish Grace

Women can find hope and healing through an understanding of God’s lavish grace. Though the website we share with others the biblical promises, principles, and processes God uses to free us from guilt and heal our broken hearts. We women can experience the power of God’s Word. So, we need to learn how to use biblical truth to fight against our pain and depression.

God’s lavish grace offers Biblical truth to heal us from all we have suffered
Refreshing Joy

As women in a fallen world, we suffer shame and depression as the result of trials and traumas that ate away at our minds and broke our hearts.  But God is not content to leave us injured, imprisoned, and crippled by our past. Instead, he wants to rescue and free us from all we have suffered.  The Bible says, “His divine power has granted us everything we need for life and godliness” (2 Peter: 1:3-4 NIV).  And in the following verses, Peter points out that we get all the things we need to thrive as God’s children by knowing his character and acting upon the promises he has made to us. 

Hope and Healing

Everyone who believes in Jesus for salvation becomes an adopted child of God. Therefore, our identity as God’s children provides the foundation of our hope that he will heal our emotional and spiritual wounds.  Because he is our perfect Father, God loves us infinitely.  He exercises all his resources to protect and provide for us.  And he frees us from fear and shame while he trains and corrects us.  In addition to this, His compassion prompts him to bend down to comfort our depressed and broken hearts. 

As Martha Menne has shared these truths about God’s lavish grace with women in a Christian homeless shelter, many of them acted on the biblical truths they learned. God freed them from their burden of guilt and depression. Victims of sexual and verbal abuse were released from captivity to anger, fear and shame.  Also, God delivered addicts from dependence on drugs and alcohol. Jesus’ power drove out demons and restored tortured minds to wholeness.  And he lifted their depression and replaced it with his joy. 

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Martha’s Background

  • Retired teacher of middle schoolers in both public and Christian schools.
  • Teacher, mentor, and lay counselor of Christian women
  • Writer of Bible studies for women and youth
  • Blogger on women’s issues, practical theology, and joy in my Savior
  • Wife of David for over 56 years
  • Mother of 2 and grandmother of 8
Christian writer and author Martha Menne
Martha Menne

I lead Bible studies and serve as a lay counselor in my church. Group Publishing and Christian Endeavor used my writings for their Youth Bible Studies. FREE Bible Studies for Youth are offered on my website, New Wineskin Publications. In addition to discipling women at our local homeless shelter, I developed the courses we teach to the women. I pray you will join me in discovering that God’s lavish grace is “everything you need for life and godliness.” 




Martha’s book, Escape from the Land of If Only is available as an eBook for $2.99, as a paperback for $11.77, and as a hardback for $24.99. All versions can be purchased on Amazon at: Escape from the Land of If Only 

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Escape From the Land of If Only is available as an eBook, paperback book, and as a Hardback book. The cover image portrays a woman who is looking with hope up towards a source of light.
Escape From the Land of If Only
By Martha E Menne